Is it possible to drink too much Tea ?!

Question: Is it possible to drink too much Tea ?
On average I have about 3 cups of pg tips tea a day on weekdays and about 5 cups on weekend days... And if I don't have tea..especiLly in the morning ..i get really tired.


I usually alternate between the true teas (green tea, black tea, white tea) and the herbal teas (rooibos tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea).

The true teas have caffeine in them so too much of them might give you the jitters. The herbal teas mentioned above do not have caffeine.

I'm a tea lover. I drink about 5 or six cups on the weekend, too. If you feel jittery from tea, switch to an herbal or decaf for a few of those afternoon cups. Otherwise, drink up! Tea is very good for you. I taught a course, with a friend, on herbs and teas. They do have health benefits! My friend even makes her own cough drops from natural herbs! You might want to do some research and make it a hobby! its fun and interesting.

Yes it is.


NO my step dad drinks like 5 big glasses full everyday and he's fine, I think lol

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