What's your favorite kind of coffee?!

Question: What's your favorite kind of coffee?
I like mocha and peppermint lattes from starbucks, but I'm trying to mix it up. What do you like?


I like to mix a hazelnut flavored bean with regular coffee.Vanilla flavored coffee bean mixed with regular tastes good also.

frappchino or cold brewed coffee

i'm trying to transition from flavored, sugared up coffee to just plain black coffee, i want to really enjoy coffee the way it is. i think people who say they like coffee but can't enjoy it black are not real coffee people.

Mocha is my favourite coffee drink, especially mocha frappes; coffee, chocolate, vanilla ice and LOTS of whipped cream, yum!

If I'm brewing at home.
New England Coffee-Breakfast Blend

If I'm on the run....
Dunkin's Med Regula please.

Just an instant COFFEE with two sugars.

french vanilla latte is good.

my mouf.

I like any kind of frap!

i like columbian coffe

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