Is diet coke really worth giving up?!

Question: Is diet coke really worth giving up?
will it really help me lose weight ?
For now it just seems to "distract" me from other sugar loaded stuff,


Artificial sweeteners weill NOT help you lose weight. They are made of chemicals that confuse your body, and mess with your hormones, which will more likely cause weight gain in the long run. They are a passable occasional solution if you are diabetic, but if you are not, don't put them in your body at all!

Best bet is to cut back the amount of sugar you consume regularly, and your taste bugs will adjust so things seem sweeter then they are. Alternatively, switch to unprocessed sugars like raw, cane, honey, agave etc. which take a little longer for your body to process, so they don't spike your blood sugar as much.

As for drinks, there are some carbonated fruit juices on the market that have no added sugar and are really great. You can also make them yourself by mixing 100% juice concentrate with carbonated water.

Making these changes has really helped me, and I hope they help you too!

when i was on a diet i drank low fat milk and tea and lots of liquids and diet pepsi well i don't know a lot about it but i know that it made me full when i was hungry and yes i did lose a lot of weight
but try to drink it icy cold so you don't finish the whole cup :)
i wish you luck

will it really help me lose weight ? no
if you're going to give it up to lose weight just go to water.
it's gonna feel really hard but that's what drugs do.
caffeine, the most addicting drug and commonly used one.
and also a primary reason for obesity

aspartame is pretty much poison. Just google what it is made of.

Here is an article I just came across for a small example…

even though it sais it will make you loose wait it wont.....its just less fattning than the regular coke.

drink h2o (water)

The amount of sodium and caffeine in diet coke is not good for you. Try teas.

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