Quickly removing fizz from orange soda?!

Question: Quickly removing fizz from orange soda?
I love the taste of orange soda but hate all the fizz. Allowing it to go flat by just taking the cap off takes too long. Is there a quick way of doing this so I can immediately have a non-carbonated orange drink? Thanks.


The best way to release the carbonation is through agitation. If you don't want to take an orange soda shower by shaking the bottle before opening it, just pour it into a glass or some other container and stir it or, even better, whisk it vigorously until the fizz subsides. The more surface area you have the quick it will dissipate, so pouring it into a wide, shallow bowl will be faster than a tall, narrow glass.

Gently shake, open it careful making sure it doesn't go all over, shake it again, eventually it will be gone. Or blow bubbles in it.

Hate carbonation.

buy tang
its cheaper than most orange soda, and tastes the same, just doesn't have the fizz


Pour it into a glass and then stick your finger and swish it around in the bubbles and watch them disappear quickly.

put it into a food processer , grinder or blender..that will take out 95 percent of the fizz.

Shake it.

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