Caffeine versus sugar?!

Question: Caffeine versus sugar?
I'm trying to get off sugar, but it's hard. I find that caffeine has the same affect on me as sugar a short rush of energy, but it doesn't cause cravings. In fact, because it tastes so bad (I really don't like the taste of coffee without sugar, but if I put sugar in it that kind of defeats the whole purpose) it stifles cravings. I've also found caffeine in general stops me feeling hungry. However, health wise, which is worse? My friend insists nonstop that caffeine is terrible for you, but my mom says it's harmless.


Caffeine can potentially be very dangerous for you, as it is an addicting stimulant. It can cause serious nervous system problems, as well as high blood pressure and arrhythmia if you take too much. You can also get pretty high off of it after 500 mg of the stuff. It's much more dangerous than sugar, at least, because sugar gives your body real energy. Instead of eating sweets, just eat carbs.

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