Can you tell the difference between Fiji water and normal water?!

Question: Can you tell the difference between Fiji water and normal water?
Is it really worth the extra MONEY? lol I bought some the other day and it kinda just tastes like regular water... Can you taste the difference?


I can taste the difference but I've stopped buying bottled water because the plastic bottles are not recyclable or biodegradable and they are polluting the planet

Tap water (in the U.S.) is heavily regulated. Bottled water is not.

Therefore, you are more likely to get safe water from your tap than from bottled water.

Bottled water is convenient when away from home, and the producers create advertisements and product design that motivate people to pay a premium price for water that is no better than tap water.

It is true that in some communities there are toxins in the drinking water. However, you have a legal right to be told the quality of your tap water. If your tap water is not up to your standards, then you might want to do some research to find out which bottled waters are healthier.

There is no reason why the typical bottled water (cheap or expensive) would necessarily be better than tap water - either in taste or health consequences.

Telling the difference: the label.
Tasting the difference: I believe Fije is richer than normal water.
To me, water is water.

Water is different when pH and dissolves salts are different. All companies use RO plant to demineralise and add some sea water to restore minerals.

what is fiji water????

is it from japan?


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