Are there any hot drinks which are healthy, do not have caffeine and can be drank in the morning?!

Question: Are there any hot drinks which are healthy, do not have caffeine and can be drank in the morning?
When I get up in the morning, I like to drink something hot. It helps to actually wake me up.

My mum drinks about 2-3 cups of tea each day. She starts the day off by drinking one in the morning.

When I drink tea, initially it makes me feel good. however after a while I feel slightly tired. It is the same for when I drink coffee and hot chocolate.

I know that all three of these drinks contain caffeine [with coffee generally containing the highest amount of caffeine and hot chocolate containg the least amount].

1.] Are there any other healthy hot drinks that I can have in the morning which do not contain caffeine?


2.] What is the best [hot or cold] drink to drink in the morning ?



I don't know whether this is healthy but I like oxo cubes or vegetable cubes made with hot water, if its healthy you want try organic vegetable

I agree about the herbal teas (purchased ones or ones you make at home).

You can also just heat up any "juice" you like and it will taste really good once you get your head around the idea that they're hot instead of cold. Hot apple juice or cider is one that's often drunk hot, in fact.

There are a number of herbal teas (tisanes) which do not have caffeine. Mint tea is delicious hot, as are a lot of lemony blends.

Or try broth or bouillon, though that can have a lot of sodium, depending on what brand you choose.

I agree with the Rooibos Tea.

Refreshingly fruit-like in taste, keeps you awake and contains no caffeine!…

Any sort of fruit or herbal tea but avoid chammomile as it makes you sleepy. You might like Redbush (Rooibosch) tea as it is very refreshing and awakening.

I have found that drinking boiled water can be just as refreshing as tea or coffee and it contains no caffeine. My body loves it.

Why not drink hot HERBAL teas? Many herbal teas contain no caffeine. Or hot apple cider is comforting and delicious!

Green tea, full of antioxidants


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