What cup size coffee do you get at Starbucks?!

Question: What cup size coffee do you get at Starbucks?


Either a short cappuccino or a short double cafe late. Either one is the perfect proportion of milk to coffee.

Short 8 oz
Tall 12 oz
Grande 16 oz
Venti 20 oz


I don't get a cup. I go to a real coffee house that serves actually tasty coffee and isn't filled with individuals wearing glasses without lenses using Macbooks

I am really sensitive to caffiene so I always get a short chai when I need a pick-me-up.

i normally get a grande :)
they only seem to be like 50 cents more than a tall and i feel like i get so much more!

either a grande or a tall, depends if I ate before or not hahahaha



Tall but sometimes grande

grande caramel apple spice for me




I get Tall's


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