how much cappuccino do i use on an oreo frappe?!

Question: How much cappuccino do i use on an oreo frappe?
I have looked at a lot of recipes and they all call for 1 stick, any flavor, 1 cup ice cubes, and 2 oreos broken into pieces. But what is the 1 stick? Stick of what? And how much cappiccuno mix do i use? it doesn't say in the ingredients list and in the recipe it just tells me to put the cappiccuno into the blender with the milk and the ice. But I really need to know how much to put in there.


i never had an oreo frappe, is it good? but ok...

, here's how McDonald's Chocco Frappe is made.

Fill cup with ice, make sure it's heaped to above the rim of the cup.

Pour lite milk into cup till it reaches the bottom of the McCafe logo and empty ice and milk in blender.

Place one scoop (one and a half for tall) of McDonalds special Chocco Frappe powder into the blender.


When it's done mix through crushed Oreo's, pour into cup, top with cream.

Now the key is the special Chocco Frappe powder, you can't buy it in supermarkets or anything like it for that matter. But if you ask nicely one of the managers at your local McDonalds should let you buy a bag of the powder.


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