Drank too much prune juice!?!

Question: Drank too much prune juice!?
I hadn't eaten for a while, because I didn't have any money, but then I got paid and I arte a lot because I was hungry. I got stopped up for a couple of days and I didn't eat anything because I didn't wanna put too much in there. I still couldn't go so I drank a bottle of prune juice. i still couldn't go the next day, so I drank one more glass, and now I've got the runs. What do I do?


Take some pepto bismal and you should start feeling better. Lol ease up on the prune juice next time.

Don't take something like Immodium or Pepto to slow it down. Take a dose of Metamucil. By adding bulk, it should help to slow it down a little. Follow the directions on the package until you're back to 'normal'. Drink plenty of fluids or you'll get dehydrated.

well your system is being cleansed so that is good
but defiantly take some pepto or somethin and it should make you feel loads better

Why do you even have to ask that?

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