When did you begin drinking coffee?!

Question: When did you begin drinking coffee?

I was a late bloomer from the coffee department. My sister drank it as being a youngster, but I could by no means stand the stuff and I NEED TO to. I thought it might be awesome to enjoy your warm drink that possessed no calories. I don't think in artificial sweeteners to ensure was not an option with luck either, but then I come across the natural sweetener stevia some three years ago and started enjoying an occasional walk around the age with fifty.

I was 12 years old, shared a hot coffee with my Dad at Disneyland in December.

About two years ago, during a week when I had no heat at my house and needed hot drinks to stay alive.

Since Never ! Ice Water is my Drink of Choice. -And I've got the SAME Body I had at College ( 40 years ago)- to prove it !! :)

14 but i dont drink it all the time just once in a while is ok

Still havent even tasted it in 19yrs.....

At the age of 12.

When I was 13

At age 10..

when i was 3

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