I heard that soda was ok in moderation...?!

Question: I heard that soda was ok in moderation...?
But what's moderation? I always drink diet soda, not because of calories but because I prefer the taste. So what would you consider to be moderate intake of diet soda? What usually ends up happening is that I rarely buy soda, but when I do I drink a lot of it. So I'll have no soda for a while, and then a short time with lots. Is that more unhealthy than a steady rate like maybe 1 a week or so?


Diet soda is quite possible the worst type of soda you can drink, as it contains aspartame (which has been shown to cause brain damage among other diseases). Stick with regular sodas.
If you do feel the need to consume a soft drink, it would be much healthier to have one soda a week, and then drink water the rest of the day to flush it out of your system instead of consuming loads in one sitting.

Drinking water of course is a much better alternative.

soda is loaded with salt.....sodium......bad any way you look at it....

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