Do western people drink tepid water or warm water?!

Question: Do western people drink tepid water or warm water?
I heard a rumor that you drink cold water only? Is that true?


I'm western and I like room temperature water. Whereas, I don't particularly like cold (refrigerated) water. I drink tea hot or cool, but not usually cold unless it's a hot summer day. Of course, right now it's -21 degrees outside. In summer, I don't avoid cold water like I would now.

Western people are overly concerned with their weight. By drinking cold water, your body works harder to bring it to body temperature. That is why most western people drink cold water. Otherwise, I find cold water to be more refreshing. It is true.

Most restaurants in the United States serve ice water. This doesn't necessarily mean that everyone here drinks it that way all the time. Many people think ice water is far too cold and request no ice when getting water in restaurants.

preferably cold water or tepid.

pretty much, cold cold water

Most people like cold water.

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