Will tea keep me awake?!

Question: Will tea keep me awake?

Not unless it has caffeine in it.

A hot cup of black tea may help keep you awake as it has appreciable caffeine content.

Though coffee contains comparatively higher levels of caffeine so this might be more effective.


Black tea helps wake you up.

Green Tea is good for the digestive system.

That's all I know about tea.

I use to work for starbucks.

depends what kind of tea
Coffee its a good tea that will keep you awake believe it or not it is a tea

Depends on how caffeine affects you. If your the kind of person that has a little bit of caffeine and get really hyper than yes, but make sure its not caffeine free

If it has caffeine in it probably

it does have caffeine
so it might

Eat Apple


u wish

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