How to grind my own coffee without a grinder?!

Question: How to grind my own coffee without a grinder?

Mortar and pestle? you can get from any good cookery equipment shop and their not too expensive

If you have one of those blenders that is advertises to chop up things like cell phones, then it might do the job.
Don't try it on a cheap one.

And, you can get an okay coffee grinder for 20-40 dollars.…

I searched the similar question last several days. when trying to find the answer I ended up getting a free sample of Folgers Gormet Selections ground coffee from my coffee is scheduled for delivery in 2 days & I love it.

Good luck to ya

You can use a pepper grinder, but it'll take a while to get the quantity you need for a single cup.

If you have a sledge hammer you could smash it with that.

mortar and pistle

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