Do you prefer bottled or tap water?!

Question: Do you prefer bottled or tap water?
I can't stand bottled water, I always drink from the tap. Plus the chlorine in tap water is good for the immune system


it doesnt matter that much, but some bottled water tastes weird, and i dont like it. It depends on the brand

chlorine isn't good for you, its in water to kill any germs in the water.

bottle water has been filtered which is real water compare to out of the tap! i prefer bottle water anyday where i filter my tap water, gives it a better taste!

I like bottled water, but I prefer water that comes out of the fridge dispenser or tap. I prefer water that is closer to room temperature rather than cold water.

tap water also has fluoride for the teeth, i prefer bottled (but i bought a Purifier) so i drink purified tap water

Bottled or filtered water.
The average glass of water that comes out of the tap has been through 8 peoples bodies.

Tap water.
To me bottled just tastes like stale water.

I buy water bottles for the bottles....and re-fill them. :)

I prefer well water from the tap. So tap water it is :)


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