I drank 2 amps under 15 minutes last night and i'm crashing i think?!

Question: I drank 2 amps under 15 minutes last night and i'm crashing i think?
Last night i was really thirsty and my friend's had a 24 pack of amp, the kind of skinny tall green cans.
I drank 2 in under 15 minutes and tryed going to sleep at 12 but woke up every 30 minutes not being able to sleep. Then I woke up with extremely bad paranoia and threw out the day was in this super irratated mood. and my heart has been racing... Is this bad and will it go away?


This is normal when you drink way to much caffeine, First off never drink an energy drink when you are thirsty it will only make you more thirsty and not help at all with dehydration. Amps are very high in caffeine and are not good for you. I think that within 5 hours you will feel a little better. Drink plenty of water to try and flush it out of your system and dont do that again :)

Yes, it will go away.

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