Which has more caffiene: soda or coffee?!

Question: Which has more caffiene: soda or coffee?
this is a fairly easy 10 pointer, all help is appreciated! you can just take a guess too, thanks!


According to the caffeine index, coffee has the most caffeine with 47-164 milligrams per 5 ounce serving. The caffeine content depends on how the coffee is brewed -- fresh drip has the highest level, instant has the lowest. while a single serving of Coca-Cola (12 oz.) measures in with 46 milligrams. However, when you break it down to caffeine per ounce,Coffee handily beats Coke.

It depends on the coffee and the soda. Caffeine levels vary greatly by product.


Coffee, but some sodas and energy drinks will have more.


Health Class



im guessing coffee. it make me to most hyper. :)

Coffe has more :)

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