I need help with Starbucks!!!?!

Question: I need help with Starbucks!!!?
Okay, so I know this is a weird question, but I just want to anjoy a nice drink from starbucks. Okay so i do like coffee, and i tried a caramel frappacionio and it was nasty. so can you tell me what a mocha is? and is there such thing as a reagular frap? thanks!!!


A mocha is coffee and chocolate. In Starbucks terms, it would be their mocha powder, steamed milk, and espresso if you have it hot. Same thing for cold, except with cold milk rather than steamed. A mocha frappuccino is their coffee frap with the mocha added. If you want something not so sweet, with more coffee flavor, order a coffee frap either affogado (they float an additional shot of espresso on the top) or with an add shot. It will be lightly sweet, but not cloying like that caramel one. I don't like any of the fraps, personally, because they're almost always too sweet for my tastes, and I don't like the slick texture.

My favorite drink there is a Starbucks Doubleshot with vanilla and light breve. It's the closest thing to what I've been making at home for years. It consists of espresso, shaken with the vanilla syrup and ice, with a little bit of 1/2 & 1/2 floated on the top, which then mixes in as you drink it. It's a good strong coffee drink without being too sweet or slimy.

Mocha is chocolate. And yes there is a coffee frappucinno and is really good=]
Also they have a Java Chip frappe which is really good it has like like chocalate pieces mixed inside!!
They also have a lot of hot chocolate drinks which are good like there hot chocolate which is delicious!

starbucks lover!

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