Red bull for an 8-hour exam and a sleepless night?!

Question: Red bull for an 8-hour exam and a sleepless night?
I have a 8-hour exam tomorrow and can't sleep at all!!!!..i need to know how many cans of red bull i should take to keep me awake, when to take them and should i take them one shot? ( i have a one hour break in the exam)?..i never drank red bull would that affect me???
Thanks in advance!!!!!

if redbull isn't good..what should i do??????????


i would say take a five hour energy before the exam and another during the break that you have. i hear that they work reaaaallllyyyy well :) and good luck!
(if you search the website there is feedback from consumers and it apparently works amazingly!)

Different people react differently. I go crazy! Hawaiin punch works like an energy drink for me. One sip of red bull in the afternoon can keep me up until two am!

ewww you know red bull was made from bulls testicles (that was there secret ingredient) that what made it red bull!!!

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