I am still growing but drink coffee and caffeine occasionally. Will this affect my height?!

Question: I am still growing but drink coffee and caffeine occasionally. Will this affect my height?
I am still growing and occasionally drink coffee or caffeinated sodas. Does caffeine affect your height? If so, does drinking caffeinated drinks, say, twice a month, affect your height?


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Maybe, maybe not. I drank coffee and tea when young, never got past 5 feet. I gave my son coffee when he was young (it was supposed to be good for asthma back then.) My son is 5' 11 Really, I don't think caffeine will effect your height, but too much caffeine will make you very nervous and jumpy, so you might have problem concentrating.

Twice a month wont. Of course even if you are drinking it daily it will not affect your height, but it will leave a mark on your organs and metabolism. Things that affect your height are how much you sleep, if you are eating healthy food, if you are not nervous all of the time, if you are not over exhausting yourself and lots of other stuff effect your growth. If just one of them is not in balance it will not effect your height but however lack of sleep and unhealthy food will, if you are really dis-balancing them a lot.

Yes, If you drink any amount of caffeine while you are growing it will affect your height and the height of any unborn children you might have later in life. To what extent you might wonder? It affects height by approximatley 5.8 inches.


no, i am pretty sure it will not.i drink caffeine all the time, never stopped me.


not at all.

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