Who are cadburys chocolate main collaborators?!

Question: Who are cadburys chocolate main collaborators?
Just doing a project on cadburys chcoolate, need to write a paragraph on its collaborators ... what should I do ? who and what are collaborators?


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Collaborators are people or companies that work with other people or companies using their special knowledge or products to create a new product. For example, if a chocolate maker were to get together with a toffee maker to create a chocolate toffee bar, the makers of each part of the bar would be collaborators.

Now, Cadbury might have collaborators, but if they do, the names of those collaborators does not seem to be public knowledge. Cadbury is however, a subsidiary of Kraft Foods.

Kraft Foods is what is called a conglomerate or a single company or brand that is made up of many other companies. Each of the other companies that make up the conglomerate is called a subsidiary and there are at least 100 different brands that make up the Kraft Foods conglomerate.


I don't know if this helps at all, but Cadbarry's and an American chocolate company both use the same or similar commercials. I can't think of the particular American brand. It's the one with the chocolate cg people living in a chocolate world.

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nestle are collaborators

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