have you gotten a major sugar high ?!

Question: Have you gotten a major sugar high ?
and what is your Definition of sugar high ? :))


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yes i drank 2 of those $5 monster drinks and inside 1 contains 3 regular can the tall cans too 1 $5 is fking too much for anyone.

i went all crazy it was in the morning of school. school didnt start yet and i was fking jumping around being a dik to my friends and etaing candy XD the girl i liked was like wtf is wrong with him today. ad in class i was so amped to fking do work but i was listening to music and drumming away XDXDDXDD

when im high i talk to much.

Omg!! I love a sugar high. It feels like you drank a bunch of coffee, you get all jumpy and cant sit still- you have to drum on ur lap or tap ur foot really fast. But dont run or anyting when u have a sugar high, it makes u puke lol. It good to eat candy and just giggle and rough house with your friends, not doing much else.

yes, but i don't like it.

i can literally feel myself slowly start to relapse back into my old speedfreak persona.

Yes, but i have no specific definition of a sugar high.

OMG that sounds really fun!

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