How is it possible for Coke Zero to have 0 calories?!

Question: How is it possible for Coke Zero to have 0 calories?
Because, 0 calories is like, air isn't it?


water has 0 calories
many flavorings have 0 calories
most artificial sweeteners have 0 calories

since these are the main ingredients:
0 + 0 + 0 = 0

'0 calories is like, air isn't it?'...or water? Artificial sweeteners are just about 0 calorie...they will be using them, however this fools the body into thinking it has taken calories on board I've heard, with negative effects, so I'm watching with interest for a more informed answer.

They use artificial sweeteners instead of real sugar. So just like they have 0 vitamins, it is also possible to have 0 calories

is there carbohydrates in it... All carb's break down to monosaccharides which are sugar..which would be calories .. I guess not..…

Flavour doesn't = Calorie

Despite the fact many things that taste good are calorie dense.

Is that where you got the association?

no sweetners no natural flavors only acid and co2 gas and water

Because Coca-Cola has David Copperfield on the board,and he uses his magic on that product.

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