What cold Starbucks drink does everybody like?!

Question: What cold Starbucks drink does everybody like?
I want to surprise my friend with a cold Starbucks drink but I don't want to ask what his favorite drink is. What should I get him? What is a cold drink that most people enjoy?


chocolate frap or vanilla bean :)

It depends on if he likes coffee, if he does ask the barrista what their most popular drink is (they are generally well aware of this kind of thing and will be honest if you are polite) and if he doesn't like coffee go with the vanilla bean

The vanilla bean Cappuccino .

Ugh. Anything from Starbucks is swill. I wouldn't give that ditch water to a condemned prisoner.

Don't go in the place drink a bottle of cheap cider in the doorway to p!*s em off.

java chip

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