Does heated almond milk taste good?!

Question: Does heated almond milk taste good?
I heated soy milk once.... I dont remember if it look, tasted, or felt weird....I just remember I made a mental note to myself to never try it again.

Does heated almond milk taste just as good as cold almond milk? I want hot chocolate but thats the only milk i have


i always drink almond milk cold or at room temp. I've never heated it but I would think that because of the fat in the almond milk, it might taste a bit rancid. I always add honey or other sweetener to almond milk.

That sounds like it would be amazing. I don't like soy milk at all but almond milk in my experience has always been better than soy, it is less synthetic tasting.

If it isn't perfect, you might try a few drops of vanilla in your serving.

Try it out,,,



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