Can you make an espresso with instant coffee granules?!

Question: Can you make an espresso with instant coffee granules?
And if so, will it taste terrible? How much coffee/water should be used?


There is something made by Nescafe called Espresso which is instant coffee. However, it is a much like a real espresso as chicken flavour crisps are like chicken. The only thing it has in common is the word espresso. There the similarity ends. To make a real espresso you need freshly ground coffee beans and an espresso coffee machine capable of extracting at 9 bars pressure.

Get an expresso machine, and then buy the expresso instant coffee if there is any such thing, this will make it taste a lot better.

I recommend no instant coffee it won't taste as good.

You can now buy instant espresso coffee granules. I think it is made by Nescafe. You can buy them in Tesco.

At the moment I have no idea if I am capable of doing so. I'll try to remember to try, and get back to you on the matter.

Yes, and it will not taste any different. Just use as much water as you would for the normal preparation.

Yes. It'll taste yum yum HITLER

sorry i do not know

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