Tv remote fell in a cup of tea, (and yeah i did still drink it), now it don't work, any tips? ?!

Question: Tv remote fell in a cup of tea, (and yeah i did still drink it), now it don't work, any tips? ?

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Yep. buy a new one.

Remote controls are very easy to take apart, there might be a couple of screws in the battery compartment or under a label, so look for them before you try and prise it open.
Once open take out the board and the keypad and run them under the cold tap for a few minutes. This will wash the sugar from the tea off (even if you didn't have sugar).
Then put it in a warm place to dry.
If you just put it in a warm place to dry the sugar from the drink will corrode the board and ruin the control, by washing the sugar off it will survive.

Once fully dry reassemble. To check the remote point it at a digital camera(any sort will do) and you should see the infrared light flashing on the camera display.

Electronics engineer.

Pop the batteries and put it in the airing cupboard for 48hrs. If it still doesn't work after that you could try taking it to bits and cleaning the membrane and circuit board. Probably easier to go to an electrical store and get a universal remote.

take it apart and try to dry it out. most likely that will not help, so buying a new one (they have tons of universal remotes on the market) is most likely your only option.

Take the batteries out and dry it out as quickly as possible (on a radiator or under a light). If it still doesn't work once it's dry, buy a new one.

Put your tv remote in a bowl of uncooked rice. The rice will absorb the tea and dry out the remote. :)

pull the batteries out ans let it dry completely

its broken you will need a new one

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