favorite soda pop and why?!

Question: Favorite soda pop and why?
I loveeee coke with a little ice becuz if u have too much ice and it melt it get wattery


COKE!!!!Just like you!With icee!!

I like 7up because it feels really refreshing and strong so it gets me up and it is tasty and with a little ice just enough to keep it chilled but not make it watery and block me from the soda. I want one right now!

a coke from mcdonalds i don't know what it is about their coca cola but its better than anywhere else except in washington, all the drinks taste bad there

A&W Cream Soda. Because it's great alone and mixed with Hennesy.

cream soda or strawberry

I adore a botted cola with a bag of salted peanuts softly poured in.


Mt dew

I LOVE Mountain dew.... Nothing better.... Just the taste so sweet and refreshing!!!

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