What about a man who take 7 cups of tea a day?!

Question: What about a man who take 7 cups of tea a day?
Is it an ok thing to take 7 or more cups of tea a day. Is it a healthy practice.
If not why.
I have a doctor in my city doing this type of thing.


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well, 7 a day? would that be as if a cup every time a tiny little case is solved, and so a cup is to celebrate the closure.. say, perhaps one at about 7.30am, then 9.30am, then next at 11.30am, then at noon.. then 2 or 3cups at two in the afternoon to do what some i know such as afternoon tea time thing to washdown those cupcakes and cucumber sandmiches.. I suppose depends on how you look at it 7 many not be much.. Although, to say 7 a day may sound a lot, I don't think 2 cups would be enough perhaps, may be 3... or (good-heavens) may be 7..

i know this person with danish pastries stuffed with delicious cream, or other beautiful cakes, to be the partner of the regular afternoon (even late late late afternoon towards evening) tea drinking habits (which i join once in a blue moon, due to tea+cakes oh dear, how many lbs am i going to gain?)..

Tea has more caffeine then coffee, so i think that's probably really really bad.

I think 7 is borderline excessive

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