when your coffee maker breaks down is it ok to eat coffee grounds?!

Question: When your coffee maker breaks down is it ok to eat coffee grounds?
im finding myself limited in the ways i can filter the grounds out, and i just don't care any more so i've put my grounds straight into boiling water. as i sit here chewing on the grounds i can't help but wonder, why do people filter out the grounds anyways?


Good question. I think it has to do with first the texture. You want to drink liquid not sludge. And second maybe because the grounds being present in the coffee continuously would make the coffee too strong or even bitter after awhile. But if you like then do it your way, you are the one drinking it it afterall. lol

The first cake I ever made had coffee in it -- I didn't realize it was supposed to be liquid coffee, not grounds! I put like 1/2 c. coffee grounds in my cake and no one got sick or anything!
Also.....keep in mind that you can buy chocolate covered coffee beans! Same thing basically ;-)

By the way, if you go to Walmart you can buy a thing to make coffee that you just sit on your coffee cup with a filter in it and pour your hot water through -- works great!

Yes I've seen several recipes that use coffee grounds as a dry rub for meats. And apparently folks chewed the bean before they discovered the joys of brewing them into a beverage. So, yeah it's okay to eat the grounds.

Yes it is ok...altho the way you are is very interesting. I love chocolate covered espresso beans which are coffee beans. Which when you chew it it becomes essentially grounds.

Sure, I sprinkle a generous helping on my toast every morning. I'm thinking about marketing them as individually wrapped portions. I'm going to call them "You're Grounded." If you want in, let me know.

Nom Nom Nom


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