how many of you drink tea before sleeping?!?!

Question: How many of you drink tea before sleeping?!?
do you have nightmares after drinking tea before sleeping,

if you do then you have a terrible nightmare, am doing a study of dreams caused by drinking tea just before sleeping!!


I drink a full pot of tea almost every night before going to bed and it doesn't affect me.

I sometimes do, and no, no nightmares after drinking the tea. Although I do suffer from that after a heavy meal right before sleeping.

I have been trying to drink peppermint tea before bed to relax lately and I'm finding that on the nights I do that I don't sleep very well! no nightmares but it IS affecting my sleep for sure

i put 3parts water 1 part milk, put in a bag of pg tea sugar and in the micro oven for 1 min 40 sec.
careful that it doesn't boil over.

I'm really nauseous recently so I drink some mint tea before I go to sleep. It helps a lot and I don't get any nightmares.

I do not drinking tea before sleeping,

I drink tea and i don't have nightmares

I drink a full pot of tea every night,

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