why does my tap water taste like crap?!

Question: Why does my tap water taste like crap?
i want to get healthy good skin so i want to get my 2 liters a day but my tap water has a yucky taste to it?
does it count as healthy if i put ribenna in water?


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Well tap water is hardly filtered. Just buy a PUR water filter and pitcher or the like; your water will taste better and be A LOT cleaner. Or just buy water bottles, but remember to recycle them!

You didn't post where you live. Tap water quality varies based on the source. For example, Memphis tap water is wonderful since it comes from an underground aquifer, but New Orleans tap water is horrible since it comes straight from the Mississippi River.

I agree with the suggestion to get a water filter. My local tap water tastes pretty bad too but a filter makes it taste acceptable.

No, Ribena doesn't count; you might as well drink Kool-Aid.

Keep a jar of tap water in your fridge--water tastes way better cold.

If your water is super nasty, get a filter. Here in Portland we have great water... it wasn't until I visited San Diego that I realized why people bought filters and bottled water! (If you buy filters or bottled water in a place like Portland you're just dumb, our water is SO DELICIOUS)

because it contains, lime and chlorine and other chemicals. Ribena is high in sugar and additives (even the 'low sugar' versions!) so it pretty much defeats the purpose. Invest in a good water filter which will reduce the nasty taste to a certain extent.

2 liters is the bare minimum.

Get a filter or drink it super cold or add a lemon wedge.

if you make it cold it takes just like bottled water unless its a sulfur base.

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