caramel brulee latte not at me starbucks, but they have other holiday drinks?!

Question: Caramel brulee latte not at me starbucks, but they have other holiday drinks?
i really want the caramel brulee but they didnt have it on a pic, does that mean they dont have it? its also nowhere on the menu online, does it still exist


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The caramel brulee drink was a seasonal drink which means that they don't have it all the time. And they may not bring it back this year for the holidays. That's happened before with the maple lattes. The only holiday drink out right now is the pumpkin spice latte. The rest of the holiday drinks usually make their debut closer to Thanksgiving. And the peppermint mochas and peppermint white mochas, while often marketed as holiday drinks, are actually available year round.

You can ask your local Starbucks baristas if they will be bringing the drink back and what day it will be released if they are bringing it back. If not, you can always experiment with the different syrups to try and recreate the drink. I can just about guarantee that the baristas have already figured out some drink that tastes similar.

Former Starbucks barista

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