Why is "milk tea" not called "tea milk"?!

Question: Why is "milk tea" not called "tea milk"?
Just so totally random when I was thinking about trying a milk tea XD
Anyone know the true answer?
Also, is milk better than tea? Is that why it goes first?
Maybe it just sounds better.
If you know or wanna give your opinion, please tell! (:


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adjectives come before noun. The milk is describing the type of tea. so it's milk tea. It's a bit like 'computer desk'. The word computer is tehre to describe the desk. You don't say desk computer.

First Reason, tea is an object and already made by ingredients. first half is an ingredients only. eg, Cardamon Tea, Black Tea, Ginger Tea etc. tht is why it is called Milk Tea.

Second Reason: For making Tea, Milk is the first thing which comes to make a tea. :) as an essential thing too. tht is why it is called Milk Tea...eg,


It's because it's translated from Chinese and that's the order of the Chinese characters. Milk tea generally refers to bubble tea or black tea with milk in it, and that's called "nai chai" which is directly translated to "milk tea" in English.

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