What can go wrong if drink too much of black tea (6-10 cups a day)?!

Question: What can go wrong if drink too much of black tea (6-10 cups a day)?
What can go wrong if drink too much black tea (6-10 cups a day)?


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Why One Should You Avoid Excessive Tea Drinking?

* It contains Tanine, a toxic element that disturbs the digestion process as the secretion of juices is affected by it. Tanine affects the water content in the body, as a result of which the skin becomes brittle and rough

* It contains caffeine, which is detrimental to health. It affects the nervous system and keeps a person awake at night. It can also raise blood pressure. Excessive caffeine can also cause poor concentration, irritability and nervousness

* Those who are predisposed to frequent attacks of heartburn and stomach ulcers should avoid too much of green tea. It can aggravate the condition

* In some cases green tea has caused fluoride poisoning. High levels of fluoride is bad for the teeth and bones

* It is addictive

* Excessive tea drinking leads to excessive passing of urine, but the toxic element are not gotten rid of. Urine gets solidified, forming uric acid which gets deposited in joints resulting in gout and arthritis

* Too much of tea causes giddiness, sore throat, insomnia, blood impurity as well as paralysis

* It is bad for teeth. Gums get weakened

* Excessive green tea consumption can cause liver and kidney damage

* High tea
consumption causes lethargy and headaches

* Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome can be aggravated

One should avoid excessive tea drinking. Anything in moderation is good, and tea is no exception to this. Enjoy a cup of tea, but do not indulge yourself.


Plausible effects:

Caffeine overdose (6-10 cups of tea is 240-800 mg caffeine; doctors recommend consuming under 300 mg/day, although acute overdose for most people starts above 1000 mg)

Stomach upset

Weight gain (if you take your tea with milk or sugar)


Implausible effects:

Anemia (tea interferes with plant iron uptake)

Fluorosis (only a risk if you drink the lowest possible quality of tea, instant or Tibetan brick)

Muscle cramps (one report, and only from citrus flavoring)

1) There is a small amount of caffeine in tea that can cause hypertension and jittery feelings if you consume too much. You might also become dependent on caffeine.

2) Tea stains teeth yellow

3) You will have to go to the bathroom a lot as water in = water out

your hair grows curly. I am a Brit and have been drinking tea since a child, I am 82 years of age and a quick mental addition I drink 12/14 mugs of tea a day,I have never had a taste for coffee so it is tea or water and a small glass of red wine ,my doctor advises it

Drinking too much of black tea (6-10 cups a day) may enhance chances of contracting cancer similar to the chances with smoking.

nothing can go wrong. there are worst things for you than too much black tea.

Tea is a diuretic so drinking too much may play havoc with your guts... but its not too serious at least :)

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