Can drinking to many "Monster" energy drinks hurt me?!

Question: Can drinking to many "Monster" energy drinks hurt me?
When I drink one enery drink a day, I feel weird and my heart beats hard and then i get kinda of angry when I am coming down after a few hours, whats going on.?


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They sure can hurt you. You're experiencing the climax and withdrawal effects of caffeine.…

I've only drank 2 and I will likely never drink them again. The first was just out of curiosity so I could see what they were like, and it wasn't bad. The second I drank so I could stay awake the whole day and finish an assignment. I stayed awake all right, all 24 hours and beyond. It was a horrible experience. I went to class in the morning and I was barely conscious, barely even knew I was in the room. I went home, stayed up a couple more just so I could get my assignment in, went back home and instantly went to bed. Besides that, they are too damn expensive for me to even be willing to waste money on.

In conclusion, drinking too many is bad for you. However, if you need one once in a while just to keep you going if you really need it, it's not too bad. Just don't drink too many and you will be fine.

anything of too much can't be good specially when your body is not reacting well to it. If you feel that your mood is changing in a negative way, is telling you that is not good. If your heart beats too strong/fast is another good sign. You can drink one every now and then but I would not drink more than one a day. They are just not a healthy drink to depend on... You need to learn what your body is telling you.

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yes it can be HORRIBLE i went tot he hospital from drinking them and it ate inside lining of my stomach. now it makes it hard to eat =/ everything hurts. my doctor told me if i drank anymore of them it would eat all the way through my stomach so i dont drink them so Just be careful.

consuming too many energy drinks on a regular basis is very bad for ones health. they are high in sugar and caffeine which too much of both can be very bad for your health. this is why you are feeling the way you feel. def cut back on the drinks.

It's got drugs in it, so it's gonna hurt you. It's **** stop drinking it. Kids go to the hospital from drinking it.

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