What happens if you dont drink?!

Question: What happens if you dont drink?
What happens if you dont drink anything for over 2 days? my sister isnt hasnt been drinking at all for the pas 2 days what could happen??

Hope someone can help?

Thanks xx


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It's true that dehydration is life- threatening. However, do check that she is taking in no liquid whatsoever- from soup, wet foods, fruit, tea and coffee etc. Humans can survive for a surprisingly long time if taking liquid from other sources- but if you are noticing something about her behaviour that you think is concerning, make sure you discuss your worries with others, including medical professionals.

If you are not a medical professional yourself, then don't take on responsibility for this on your own- talk to someone who can make a diagnosis and ensure her safety.

She'll get dehydrated, then she'll start getting real bad headaches, urinary tract infections. As the days go by her kidneys will become damaged and eventually fail which will probably lead to death. "TELL YOUR PARENTS"!!!!!!!!
Read this...

I suggest you get your sister to a hospital. Dehydration can cause death very quickly. Death from dehydration can occur in 3 to 20 days. Depends on how healthy the person is and how hot it is.

She will become very dehydrated and her life could be put in a critical position. She needs to be taken to a doctor to find out why she isn't drinking anything

dehydration, then death.

If she really refuses to drink, just wait like, one more day, she will be so weak she can't complain when you take her to the hospital...

if by "drink" you mean any means of nutritional fluid? then uh... tell her to drink? something? or else she'll... die?


It takes a WEEK to DIE!!! from dehydration!!!!. Get some water to her now before it causes permanent damage!!!!!!!

She could start to feel weak anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRY!!!!!!

You'll be pretty close to death near day 3, get her a drink.

you get badly dehydrated. Get her to drink or she will die.

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