How Many Bottle's Of Water Shoould I Drink A Day'.?!

Question: How Many Bottle's Of Water Shoould I Drink A Day'.?
i really want my acne to clear up'. an everyone around me has been telling me that it is because i do not drink enough water to keep my skin hydrated', how many bottle's of water should i drink a day?


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None. Drink tap water. Cheaper. How much water depends on how much you sweat. The other answer is pretty good. Yellow pee, drink more. But if you take vitamin supplements, especially B vitamins your pee will probably still have color.

at least 4 or 8 cups of water. Also whenever i eat alot of candy and "bad" foods my face will breakout, but idk if thats your problam. You can drink this stuff called emergency and it has a ton of vitimans and mnerals in it so it will be good for your skin.

Its what I do to have good skin:)

if you pee is yellow you need more water, if your pee is clear then you are having enough. 2 liters is a bit excessive, you can die from too much water

I think you should drink about 4 gallons of water. That's the recommended amount of water you should drink.

I read somewhere a long time ago that you should drink as many ounces of water as your weight in pounds.

5 bottles, or 8 glasses. you should drink glasses of water, save the environment!

4, each of 500ml , you should drink 2 litres a day

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