Coke or Pepsi and why?!

Question: Coke or Pepsi and why?

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Coke.. It's a man's drink

personal preference: coke tastes better than pepsi. diet pepsi was better than diet coke. now theres coke zero which is better than diet pepsi. but now pepsi makes something called pepsi max. .....theres a diet soda called Tab. thats disgusting sh-t!!!!!!! Tab should have been eliminated thirty years ago!!!!!!! ....what was your question? did I answer the question? how is the weather where you are at? you ever been watching the tv late at night and seen commercials for the party lines? and the commercial always has a girl in a tank top with big boobs. I want to call one of the those lines just to ask a girl: "are you wearing a tank top? do you have big boobs? just thought Id ask, cause the girl in the commercial was wearing a tank top."

Honestly, I buy whatever is on sale. But if they are the same price (which they almost never are), I would buy coke. It isn't quite as sweet, but has more of a carmel flavor to it (albeit, slight).

Actually my preference would be Cherry Coke. I don't bother with Wild Cherry Pepsi - you can hardly even taste the cherry flavor in it. Besides, my relatives who only drink Coke will drink Cherry Coke, but my relatives who only drink Pepsi, will not drink Wild Cherry Pepsi.

I also buy Cherry RC (Royal Crown) cola, and lately I've been able to consistently find it for much cheaper. The taste is closer to Pepsi, but it actually has a cherry flavor to it.

Coke has a way better taste then Pepsi. Just a preference, though. To me, Pepsi tastes starchy and way too sugary. Coke has the perfect amount of carbonation that makes you go "Ahhhhh" when you take a sip :) the taste better.

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