Is it Bad to have too much coffee at one time?!

Question: Is it Bad to have too much coffee at one time?
Im 17 and i had 3 heaped teaspoons of coffee this morning cos i was pretty damn tired, i usually go to sleep or jst rest at school. I have the worst subjects....anyways I was not tired at all...will this effect me much if i do it often?


of course!
but if u havent been doin this often then its ok but DO NOT DO IT AGAIN!
i 4got wat it does to u but i KNOW it does do somthin bad to ur body

if ur feelin tired y not eat an apple or banana? thats wat i do

If your feeling tired, have a shower!! Usually wakes me up
try to not drink too much caffeine, its not good for you

Way too much coffee. You will end up being addicted to it. Its not good for you - makes you shaky, cranky, agitated.

depends on your heart. coffee gets your blood pressure higher and it might be dangerous if you have it pretty high.

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