What is a good coffee?!

Question: What is a good coffee?
I normally buy the Nescafe expresso coffee. What is a good everyday coffee, and what is a good special occasion filter coffee?


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Good Coffee: Bskinny by Boresha International.


Moser is on the right path here.
Anything which is simple is basically filled with preservatives.

You need a grinder
That's one long fricken link.

I have one, and it's awesome, I use it for spice grinding, but it works for coffee, haha.
I should just use this
That's long also.

For your answer, Foldgers make great coffee, but you can always add little things here and there to make it even greater.
Nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, chili powder is crazy I know, but it will add flavor to your cup O' Joe.
It's all in the beans.

Find a good bean and grind it yourself if you really love coffee, it takes more than asking, cause taste is like Your thing, it may be different for others, trial and error.

Also look up French presses

Enjoy :)

I hate coffee, but I love making it for others, I use Foldgers as my base.


Everyday coffee: Nescafe Gold.
Filter coffee: Seatlle expresso or mocacino

This is a good coffee.


Dallmayr (german coffee)

Yuban Coffee

nescafe gold :)

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