Difference between Water Filter and Water Dispenser?!

Question: Difference between Water Filter and Water Dispenser?
What are the differences between Water Filter and Water Dispenser?
I believe the Water filter, actually filters the water (cleans and purifies the water).
What about water dispenser? Does it also do cleaning and purifying along with making it either hot or cold if you use a hot/cold water dispenser.

I was thinking of buying a water dispenser with the assumption that i can fill the 5-gallon empty bottle with tap water and put it up there and it will dispense good quality water for me. Isn't that true? What is really the purpose of hot/cold water dispenser other than having the water hot or cold?


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The dispenser outputs water while the filter cleans out iron,lead and bacteria and the dispenser only cleans out some bacteria if any at all.

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