What is the side effects of the red bull drink and do you have to be a certain age?!

Question: What is the side effects of the red bull drink and do you have to be a certain age?
Im thinking of getting some but i don't know the side effects and if you have to be a certain age or not.
please answer me before saturday/sunday


2) No, you don't have to be a certain age, but some store owners won't sell to children.

1) Side effects are those of any overcaffeinated beverage: jitters, anxiety, heart palpitations, oddities of focus, etc. Peculiar to Red Bull are a nasty cough-syrup-like flavor, nasty aftertaste, and a feeling of having been had after realizing that you could have bought a coffee drink that is just as powerful and tastes better for less money.

Red Bull is little more than glorified sugar water. It's also WAY over priced ! It's not good for you either. Drink too much and your hands will shake like you're 90 years old.
Red Bull is just a fad drink. It doesn't even taste that good. I'd stay away from all energy drinks. I do myself. If you want something sweet, try fruit punch.

Please don't drink this! I have friends who know/knew, rather, people who have died from drinking Red Bull! Please check the Internet if people have died from this drink if you don't believe me! Take care, have a good day and be careful always!

It, along with other energy drinks that I've tried, give me the jitters. I would only drink them in the morning for fear that they'd keep me from sleeping at night. I don't suggest them for anyone.

You should at least be 14 to drink the entire thing

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