can too many energy drinks be bad?!

Question: Can too many energy drinks be bad?
i had 2 energy drinks today, and i feel really really jittery! the first one is for waking me up in the morning, and the second one was cuz i like the taste!!!!!!!!!!!! its only two, but i looked at the ingredients and it sad that it contains 200% vitamin b6 and b12, and riboflavin. so thats 400% of the daily value!!!!!!!!! is that bad? i drink amps and venoms


You should be okay, but don't drink anymore today. As for the B6 and B12, they are water soluble vitamins. It is very hard to overdose on water soluble vitamins because your body will flush out the excess in your urine.

yeah it can be extremel bad for u i would stop drinking so much of it i mean maybe stop for awhile its gona be hard but u should try to stik with coke for caffene

2 is as many as you should have. Any more can send your body into any number of reactions that can end up in death.

All the time.

Ever seen 1000 ways to die?

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