Coke and Pepsi Rivals?!

Question: Coke and Pepsi Rivals?
I've been wondering this for quite some time. Don't know why. Why are the Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola companies such big rivals?


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because they both want money and consequently they each want you to buy their product instead of the other companies

COKE IS NOT A SIN it is cause coke is know for the best and is the oldest kind of soda that is still a good seller then pepsi came out and they were also great so the became rivals for the money and the costumers

Because their products are basically the same. It'd be like you're selling lemonande at your house, and so is your next door neighbour, but it's just packaged differently.

They are competing for your $$$$. What I don't understand is why is Coke always winning the cola wars?

because coke is a sin.

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