Help I'm really thirsty!?!

Question: Help I'm really thirsty!?
I'm not dying thirsty but in thirsty I just came back from the gym after a 1 hour workout ( I workout almost everyday) and now water is not doing anything I've dean like 5 glasses of water and I'm still thirsty. This has happened to me before when I. Was 14. I'm 17 now I weigh 83kg and I'm 170cm tall is it something to do with my weight? I'm fit I don't get it


probably a little electrolyte imbalance, try Gatorade or some Emergen-C mix

How big are the glasses of water?
It's easy to lose two litres of fluid doing hard exercise.
Fluid is more easily used by the body if it has a closer concentration density to that of the body. Pure water just rushes through all the cell membranes and gets flushed out about as quickly. Adding some sugar and a tiny amount of low sodium salt (two tablespoons sugar, eighth of a teaspoon low sodium salt in a pint of water) reduces the osmotic pressure between the fluid intake and bodily fluid so the body can absorb the fluid intake more gradually.

O hun yea probably the weight issue..try to eat and gain some but still get a good workout and when you exert yourself too much you can get thristy like that and dehydrated. ive drank that much water lol . try some gatorade or something with electrolytes in it or something for active people to hydrate them :) if you do this and your still thirsty ide ask your doctor. possible you could have diabetes or something else

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I'm not sure what other mean by weight issue, 5 foot 7 and 183 pounds (for anyone who needed this conversion) sounds about right for someone who works out a lot. Stay hydrated during your exercise, that way you will have less to replace afterwards. If your super dehydrated right now, the gatorade idea mentioned before is probably a great idea.

Well, don't down so much water all at once. Try making some lemonade or iced tea. If you don't have either of those things just drink the water in small sips and swish it around in your mouth a bit before swallowing. Lick a bit of salt too.

get an eleytrolite replenisher with no sugar added a good one is Ultima you can buy it at stores like the running room.

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