How much does 24pk bottled water normally cost?!

Question: How much does 24pk bottled water normally cost?
local market has Arrowhead and Aqua Fina for $ this cheap and which is better?

cant drink tap water due to foul smell and taste.


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that's cheap as crap.
i work at a grocery store and it is always 4.99

2.99 is the normal sale price or house brand price, aquafina and other premium brands are usually 3.99 or higher. Im not sure if one is "better", unless you are a water conneisseur (if you were you wouldn't be asking this,) its probably all gonna taste like water

That is a great price. I always look for sales in the $3.99 or less that is a buck better!
I don't personally care for AquaFina and I have never heard of Arrowhead. I usually get Deer Park or Dasani. Those are my favorites.

Thats Great and i have never heard of arrowhead but aqua Fina is good.. so thats my choice

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