Is it ok if 10-year old loose leaf green Pu-erh has strong fungi smell and taste?!

Question: Is it ok if 10-year old loose leaf green Pu-erh has strong fungi smell and taste?

I haven't yet dealt with that old Pu-erhs and I wonder if it's ok. I like and find it funny and have already drunk 5 cups and so far I am alive. But now I wonder if it's safe and ok to drink this thing :D If you asked me to compare that fungi smell/taste to something, I guess I would compare it to an old bag with potatoes. Also apart from that it has a nice and unusual sweet taste and aftertaste. So, is this tea ok to drink? And is it normal for aged green pu-erhs to be like that?


Aged Pu-erh often has an earthy taste and aroma, and some people say it smells like dust or dirt. I definitely understand the analogy to potatos: Pu-erh can smell a lot like root vegetables and other vegetative matter. However, it can also spoil. Trust your instincts: humans are good at detecting spoilage. If the aroma is unpleasant or off-putting, or if you see visible mold on the tea, don't drink it. However, Pu-erh is supposed to have an earthy aroma: if it's pleasing to drink and you feel good after drinking it, it's fine. The unusual sweet taste and aftertaste is characteristic of many high-quality aged Pu-erhs.

Also, ask yourself: how was this tea stored?

Pu-erh can be successfully aged for well over 10 years, if it is stored properly. Pu-erh should not be stored in an airtight container like other teas: it needs to be able to breathe slightly. However, it also needs to be kept away from too much humidity or it can mold or spoil. If you check tea companies, you'll find a number of them sell Pu-erh that is over 10 years old (and often for a very steep price!).

Storing Tea (with a section on Pu-erh):

More Info on Pu-erh:

Pu-erh tea is the tea whose value is typically enhanced the older it is. There is even a thriving market in China for investments in pu-erh tea.…

i have no experience with aged pu-erh teas but it would seem natural that it would have some odor since mold is a key part of the aging process with that tea.

Ok i guess.

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