Does anyone know what FREEDOM smells or tastes LIKE?!

Question: Does anyone know what FREEDOM smells or tastes LIKE?
What have you been in bondage to, or what has had you fenced in that you have recently gotten free of it?


Freedom... not always lost in another country. Freedom can be lost almost anywhere... even a controlling husband who thinks marriage gives him ownership over every last part of your life and body.
Freedom smells like wildflowers in spring, fresh ground coffee...a breath of fresh air that lasts forever.
Freedom tastes like pumpkin pie, Hershey's kisses, all flavors of cheesecake and the morning dew upon your tongue.
Freedom... tastes and smells like all the good things of the world.

To the thumbs down... no comment.

It smells like teen spirit!

My controlling and dependant older sister. She dragged me down with her but now I'm moving away!! Yippee :D

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